Green Solution

Sparx Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has been in business of energy efficient Daylighting solutions for past 5 years.

We have partnered with Skyshade Daylights Pvt. Ltd., 1st Daylighing company in India. Skyshade Daylights Pvt. Ltd. having an excellent track record for lighting energy saving in industries and till now executed more than 10,000 Lightpipe™ Daylighting Systems and saved 14,740,000 KWH energy.

Light Pipe

Light Pipe is an awrd wining daylight product save energy. It uses solar energy. It Collects sunlight through its light collector from all directions. Then the reflective system delivers high luminance with minimul light loss without color shift even on cloudy days. Finally the light diffuser distributes the light into indoor spaces.


Norikool is an excellent solution ofr daylighting in pre-engineered buildings. Norikool is manufactured with prismatic Double Glazed/Triple Glazed skylights. It can replace strip/Roof lights in pre-engineered metal buildings. The prismatic skylights are equiped with factory made Metal kerbs.

Anshu Skyshade

Anshu skyshade manufactured with High Impact UV resistant Polycarbonate lens. It is suitably applicable for Asbestos/Galvanized Iron (Tin) roof spaces, Government Institutions/Schools, Small living houses, Godowns/ Warehouoses, small commercial establishments etc. It has the following features:
  1. Good for health
  2. 10 hours/day - free Daylight energy
  3. Highly Economical
  4. 10 Years - Maintenance free life
  5. Natural Light without heat

Solar Power Plant

Solar power plant

Solar Street Light

Solar Street Light

Solar Home Lighting System

Solar Home Lighting System

Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal
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